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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Bridal Party "Look Book": Inspiration Boards Included!

Okay, are you ready for the big reveal? *cue drumroll*

For my bridal earrings I chose the lovely gold and pink bow earrings for the amazingly low price of $13.oo plus $3.50 shipping and handling! (Can you tell I'm channeling my inner Billy Mays? Man, I'm gonna miss that guy.) Aren't they beauts?

I could have easily picked any of the choices in my previous post because they are all so beautiful. But it was ultimately the price tag and Mr. Lab's approval that did it for me. (I had him pick his favorite before telling him my fave-we both picked these!) I think they'll also compliment my dress and whatever pink shoes I end up with perfectly. My bridal "look" is coming along quite nicely but is missing a little something. Perhaps a dainty bracelet to match the earrings?


I love the romantic and vintage look of cameos. And this bracelet fits pefectly into the bridal color scheme! But oy! Again with the price! $278?!? No thank you. Back to combing the interwebs for an affordable cameo bracelet....

Wait, what's that you got there Ebay? Oh, a cameo bracelet just as charming for a fraction of the price? I see how you do!


So for less than $25, I will have wrapped up my bridal jewelry for the big day. Yes, I am a full-fledged bargainista. :D

Warning: Sensitive information coming up. So if you go by the WB moniker of Mr. Lab, stop scrolling now. I mean it!

In honor of these great new finds (and my obvious new obsession with Picasa's collage feature), I created a "bridal look book" inspiration board:

I'm being serious Mr. Lab. You go any further and I'll sell one of your kidneys on the black market to pay for my Louboutins! ;)

Okay, I think the coast is clear.


This board features: My earrings and bracelet and the shoes I covet. My hair and makeup inspirations. My dream dress and a gorgeous fascinator. And an adorable clutch and lush bridal bouquet*.

And no, I haven't forgotten my bridesmaids! For them I chose the pink topaz and swarvoski crystal earrings.


Although these are $39 a pop, I couldn't help but fall in love. They would match the bridesmaids' dresses so perfectly! So I crossed my fingers and contacted the seller in hopes of finding a way to negotiate the price. After a few messages back and forth, she offered to replace the pink topaz with pink quartz and give me a 12% discount because of the larger order. That brings the total down to $22.88 for each pair. Still a bit more than I was looking to spend, but definitely doable for such gorgeous pieces that I will be gifting to my fabulous girls. I may even see if my MOH's MIL (holy acronyms!) could replicate these for me since she's somewhat of a jewelry extraordinaire. Anywho, the moral of my Etsy story: never hesitate to negotiate price with ANYthing on Etsy. I saved a ton on my save the dates by negotiation.

And so the bridesmaids aren't left out of the inspiration board fun, I created this:

Their dresses will have a skirt closer to the chocolate color swatch shown. And I just decided today that I will be making their (fake) bouquets using dahlias, ranunculus, peonies, and possibly hydrangeas, all in a monochromatic pink tone. The girls will wear whatever shoes they like since no one will see them anyways. Now I just need to decide whether or not I want them to have necklaces to go along with the earrings, or just go with bare decolletages.

*Yes, I'm changing my bouquet color! You shall hear more about this soon enough!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Bridal Jewelry Lust

One of the many ways I'm cutting costs for the big day is through jewelry. I'm not a fine jewelry person because I usually lose or break it. I only buy cheap, fashion jewelry from places that frequently offer buy 2 get 1 free in the mall. I'm always warning Mr. Lab that the only expensive piece of jewelry I ever want to own is my engagement ring. So when it comes to wedding day and bridal party jewelry, I'm following my own instructions.

So began the search for the wedding jewelry. I knew I'd want something with a hint of pink in both my jewelry and the bridesmaids'. I happened to run across some gorgeous pink topaz drop earrings during one of my many Google searches.


These earrings have gold in them, which isn't one of our colors, but I thought that they would blend in very nicely with the overall color palette and with my possible shoe choice. I was immediately thrilled that I may have found my earrings so quickly!

And then I saw their price: $525. Ouch.

Okay, maybe my search wasn't starting out too smoothly. But I still loved the pink and gold combination and decided to set off to the one-stop shop of inspiration with that color combo in mind: Etsy! There, I found not only a few choices for moi, but also for my girls! I even found a couple that have chocolate in them, to match our colors!

Click to enlarge!

Sources: left to right
Top: 1, 2, 3, 4
Bottom: 5, 6, 7, 8

How gorgeous are all of these?!? And they are all very reasonably priced. Even the more expensive ones come with a discount if you order a lot at once. It was hard sorting through so many beautiful pieces, but I think I may have my choices narrowed down to the ones I want for the bridesmaids and the pair I want for myself. But before I tell you which ones I picked, I want to know which ones would you choose?

The Imposter.

My ring's stunt double came in today. I'm quite impressed. Maybe I should start calling it "the clone". See for yourself!

I feel so much better not having a naked ring finger. It isn't as good as having the real deal, but it'll do while my ring is M.I.A..

If you've ever considered getting a stunt double for your ring, I definitely encourage it! If you need a jumping off point, I suggest the company I used, Eve's Addiction. They have tons of jewelry and even some designer inspired pieces. The best part is that the majority of their stock is under $50! You are sure to find what you're looking for there!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm no "shoe"per woman... will the Hive come to my rescue?

I think I may have lost it. After changing my wedding accent color, I fell in love with one particular image from the inspiration board that sparked the change. I've been obsessed ever since.


Anybody who knows ANYthing about designer shoes will immediately recognize that signature red sole. Those shoes are a pair of coveted (read: rare & expensive) Christian Louboutins (the Coquine Pink Satin Pump, I believe). The lucky bride who owns these not only had absolutely fabulous shoes for her wedding day, but amazing shots of them as well. I want that, too! Even when my accent color was red, I still had plans to spotlight my shoes.

I fell so head over heels in love (pun certainly intended) with this image that I was determined to have my own pair of dusty pink Loubies (or even nude since they're so close to the pink shade). I googled "pink Christian Louboutin" and there they were:

Christian Louboutin Pompadouce

I originally tried to find an authentic pair since I may be able to afford them after finding my dream dress for even less than I originally planned (that's a whole 'nother post).* But I was having no luck. This only fed my addiction and launched a series of google searches with every combination of words I could think of that might bring me success. Still, nothing.

I am officially an addict. "Hi, my name is Miss Labrador and I've been up every night into the wee hours trying to find this pair of Christian Louboutin Pompadouce Pink Satin shoes to buy for my wedding. I don't care anymore if they're authentic, inspired by, or knock-offs. I just HAVE to have these before I go absolutely bonkers. I've already begun thinking that they are a myth created by some very cruel and sadistic fashion devil. Please help me."

Even Mr. Lab is feeding my addiction. He peeked over my shoulder during one search and said that the cut of the shoe and the skinny high heel are (and I quote) "sexy as hell". I can't let him down with just any ol' shoe now!

I'm at my wits end. The only explanation I could think of for these shoes not being available ANYWHERE is that their lucky owners are not giving them up. I mean, I don't blame them. Who is their right mind would give up something so beautiful?


So here's the part where I ask for your wise advice, hive. I'm beginning to realize that if someone out there can't help me find these shoes, I'm going to need a contingency plan I can live with. I've already scoped out a couple of other Loubies I like.

Here are my options:

Option A: Very Croise Platform Slingback


Option B: Lady Gres


Option C: Very Prive Pailette


Option D: Be patient and keep looking. A pair of the Pompadouce are bound to surface before the wedding!

Option E: Make my own Louboutin Pompadouce inspired shoes. I could buy an inexpensive pair of shoes in the same basic style and shade of pink (or even have them dyed). Then I could scour the internet looking for similar embellishments for the toes (maybe Etsy?). There are even places that sell red soles that I could have a cobbler attach. Who knows, this could be a fun DIY project for one of a kind shoes?

Option F: Let go of the Loubie obsession all together and find another pair of dusty pink shoes.

So what'll it be, hive?


Option A : Very Croise Platform Slingback
Option B: Lady Gres
Option C: Very Prive Pailette
Option D: Keep looking for the original shoe! (Please share links that may be helpful!)
Option E: DIY Loubies! (Again, if you have any links to materials that will aid this project, do share!)
Option F: No Loubies. I have a link to a pair of dusty pink/rose shoes I think you'll like just as much or maybe even better! (Preferably with sky high skinny heels, a peep toe, and a sexy cut.)

PS. In case you happen to find what I'm looking for I'm a size 7.5/8 US or about a 38 Euro. I'd hate to get my hopes up just to find out they're not my size!

*I would never normally spend such a large chunk of change on a pair of shoes. But because I am saving so much money on my dress and my FMIL is contributing more than I originally expected, it has opened up my budget and allowed for me to afford these. And unlike my dress, shoes can be worn way more than once. So if it's hard for you to imagine spending a ton of moolah on a pair of shoes, think of it as inverting the cost of my dress with the cost of my shoes (seriously, my dress is THAT cheap-details soon!). And to be completely honest, I deserve to splurge on at least one thing for my wedding day! :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Ring's Understudy/Stunt Double.

Yup, you read it right: my ring has a "body" double. No, my ring isn't planning on starring in any Hollywood movies or Broadway plays anytime soon. But it did go away on a VERY long trip today. That's why the understudy had to step in.

Before I get to that, let me explain what prompted us to "cast" the double.

A couple weeks ago I glanced down at my ring and gasped with shock. One of its micro-pave side stones was missing! I knew this was bound to happen sometime. Both my MOH and FSIL's pave stones have fallen out before and they warned me that it is pretty much inevitable. Thankfully Mr. Lab bought an extra insurance policy with Zales to cover this type of thing. But we nearly made a disatrous mistake regarding the policy that was avoided only by some really good timing.

Zales offers a Lifetime Diamond Commitment where if the diamonds become chipped, broken, or lost from its original setting, they will replac the diamond at no charge. But here's the catch: you HAVE to have your ring inspected twice a year (every 6 months from the date of purchase) to keep the policy in force. Neither Mr. Lab nor I knew we HAD to do this. We both assumed that if something ever happened, we'd walk into the store, tell a representative, then send the ring on its merry way to be made brand new again. WRONG.

Because Mr. Lab bought my ring in December, my 6 month inspection deadline is at the end of June. Had my side diamond decided to fall out in next month, we'd be screwed. Mr. Lab has yet to have my ring insured independently (bad doggie!), so we would have had to pay out of pocket to have the ring repaired. Fortunately, luck was on our side and the diamond fell out within the 6 months of purchase. We were alerted to the details of the policy when we took the ring into the store.

However, we ran into some bad news when we dropped off the ring. The store manager told us that because of the upcoming 4th of July holiday and summer in general, many jewelers in our area are on vacation. This meant my ring has to be shipped all the way to Dallas, TX from Georgia! She told me it could take up to 6 weeks for my ring to return! The longest I've been apart from my ring was when it was being sized and that was only about a week. I've grown so accostomed to my ring that I feel naked without it. My ring finger even has a tan line and indent replacing the spot where my ring used to rest!

Needless to say, the thought of not having my ring for over a month was not easy news to take. That was when Mr. Lab and I started discussing options for a ring "body double". We both thought it would be a good idea to have a backup ring for any future ring repairs or even for times when wearing my "real" ring would put it in danger (i.e., at the gym lifting weights, going to the beach, etc.).

I thought about just wearing my wedding band since my ring came as a set. But I ultimately felt like that would be cheating. I only want to wear it when I have a "Mrs." in front of my name. So while we were at the mall, we decided to check a couple department stores to see if they had any inexpensive replicas of my ring. No luck. So we made quick trips to Kohl's, Wal-Mart, and Target. The only ring we found that came even close was over $300.

That's when I turned to the infallible internet (or interwebs as Mr. Lab and I call it)! I quickly found what I was looking for on I found a nearly identical ring and band made of cubic zirconia set in sterling silver for only $46 including the gift box! Look how closely it resembles my ring:

But it gets better! The company selling the ring, Eve's Addiction, was running two promotions: free shipping plus 20% off the purchase price. My total came out to be only $36.80 shipped! The ring should arrive in less than a week and ready to get right to work. Now I can sit back and relax knowing I'll still have my mark of a betrothed woman when my "real" ring is out of commission. And I'm glad my ring finger won't have to go around looking "indecent" anymore with all its public nudity! ;)

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Rare Summer Shower in Georgia

It didn't rain this weekend in south Georgia but there was another kind of shower: my first bridal shower! Despite the 100+ degree heat, a handful of women braved the elements and made the trek over to my FMIL's friend's house. Isn't it beautiful?

The first thing I noticed when I walked in was the fabulous spread laid out on the dining room table. There was quiche, pin wheels, petit fours, fruit, candied pecans, and more! Nom nom. And of course we drank sweet tea like the true southern belles we are! ;) We also took a moment to marvel over the centerpiece that even included real apples!

Two of my flower girls tagged along with my mom to the shower. Here is Morgan (honorary flower girl because of her age) and Haleigh, my older sister's daughters. Their older sister Autumn (one of my Jr. BMs) was spending the night with a friend. I was impressed with how well-behaved they were the entire time. They even helped me unwrap gifts! Can you believe they are just 2 of my 5 nieces?!?

Soon it was gift time! Here's a quick run down of the afternoon:

Click to enlarge!

I absolutely loved my shower hostesses! Mr. Lab grew up with all of their children and his mother is great friends with them. They take turns throwing showers and parties for each other's children so the mothers can relax along with the guest of honor. How thoughtful is that?

(l-r) Ms. Jo Ann, Ms. Sharon, me, & Ms. Vickie.

When we got back to FMIL's house, we decided to take a photo in the same spot we did 2 years ago after my FSIL's bridal shower (thrown by the same ladies). I'm going to print off this photo to put in a frame next to the earlier one for my FMIL.

FMIL, me, & FSIL

Leslie's 2007 bridal shower (brace-face alert!)

As we were leaving the shower, I snapped a photo of the balloons and bow tied to the mailbox in my honor. I didn't realize until later that there were only 2 out of 4 balloons in the picture. The temperature had risen so quickly in the two hours of the shower that the helium expanded and popped the other 2!

I loved all the gifts I received, but I must admit that I'm especially anxious to try out this puppy. Margaritas anyone? :D


My MOH just told me today that the invites for our north Georgia (co-ed) wedding shower came in! I'm excited that Mr. Lab will be attendance at that one: it's a home & garden shower! Hopefully he'll rack up on some much needed power tools and lawn supplies while I continue collecting housewares. We need to update our registries now that one shower is out of the way so we can avoid duplicates (we registered for the same items at different locations so everyone had a chance to get to a local store). Hey, this registry thing isn't as bad as I thought after all! ;)

Must Have Music

Since becoming engaged, I've kept my ears open to possible "must have" songs for our wedding. I'm still unsure whether to hire a ceremony musician/reception D.J. or be an iPod bride all the way, but in any case I'll want to have a say on a few music selections for the day. I'm doing things a bit nontraditional, especially when it comes to the ceremony music.

I've compiled a list of songs for different parts of the ceremony and reception. There are a few gaps where I'm not sure what song(s) to use, so feel free to suggest something that will flow with the choices I've made so far! Without further ado, I present my wedding day "playlist":

Prelude: Beautiful Day by U2


Seating of Parents: ?
Minister & Groom: ?
Groomsmen & bridesmaids: ?
Flower Girls, Ring Bearer, and Jr. BMs: Over the Rainbow by Israel Kamakawiwo'Ole
Bride (ME!): Kingdom Come by Coldplay

Interlude: ?
(Not even sure if we'll have music in the middle of the ceremony at all.)

Recessional: Clocks (instrumental) by Coldplay

Cocktail Hour: Classical Music

Dinner: Laid back lovey-dovey songs

First Dance:
Better Together by Jack Johnson

Cake Cutting: I'm Yours by Jason Mraz & a special song for Mr. Lab's groom's cake cutting

Bouquet Toss: Single Ladies by Beyonce ("All the single ladies put your hands up!" Classic.)

Garter Removal: ? (We definitely are thinking Mission Impossible or something along those lines!)
Mother/Son: Mr. Lab hasn't picked this out yet.
Mother/Daughter (because I don't have a dad to dance with): Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison (We both have brown eyes and picked this song out to dance to together when I was just a kid!)

Reception dancing: On our wedding website we've included a page for our guests to suggest songs to play during the reception. We figure that if they help pick them out, they'll be more likely to get on the dance floor. I'm a BIG dancer, so I want the dance floor packed all night! I think that by allowing song requests, having an open bar, and picking a wedding party that loves to get down, my wish will be fulfilled. :D We'll be sure to inlcude some songs everyone knows (YMCA, Baby Got Back, etc.), too. And as the night goes on, we'll move from the radio/clean versions to the "dirty filthy wanna make me shake my ass" music. Cause that's how I roll. ;)

Our website's music suggestion page.

Last Dance: Constellations by Jack Johnson

Etc. Music:

In addition to these songs, we're also allowing our entire wedding party to pick out individual songs tailored to their personalities to be introduced to at the wedding reception. For example, my MOH plays poker a couple times a week with her hubby and their friends, so she's chosen Lady Gaga's Poker Face! As for Mr. Lab and I's entrance song...we'll that's a HUGE surprise that will have to wait until AFTER the wedding to be revealed. ;)

Photo slideshow:
  1. Mr. Lab growing up (I Go Back by Kenny Chesney)
  2. Me growing up (Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison)
  3. Our “courtship” (Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop by Landon Pigg)
  4. Our engagement from the proposal all the way up to the wedding! (Better Together by Jack Johnson)
I'm including a homemade CD full of our wedding day music for the OOT bags (practically all the guests) so they'll have some songs to remind them of our day on the ride back home. They'll be more on that later, I promise!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pretty in Pink: A Minor Color Change

Remember when I wrote about our wedding colors here? Well, I've had a slight change of heart.

I've been going back and forth (as evidenced here) on whether to include my all-time favorite color-pink-in our wedding. I just assumed that my manly future hubby wouldn't be okay with having pink as one of our colors. Plus, my favorite shade of pink is fuschia. Hot pink doesn't exactly mesh with an outdoor autumn wedding. But still, I kept fantasizing about all things pink (to the point that I haven't committed to any wedding color-related purchases in fear of my internal doubt) and finally decided to do something about it today.

Armed with inspiration photos of pink weddings, I sat Mr. Lab down and asked him his opinion on including the color in our wedding. I showed him an inspiration board that featured my next favorite shade of pink: "dusty" pink. And this board also included our other wedding colors we've already picked out: chocolate brown and champagnes!


I was ready for the battle. But it never came. He immediately loved it!* We compared the old color palette to this new one and he said he preferred the pink. FMIL was standing nearby (we're currently at her house because my bridal shower was this weekend-update soon!) and she also approved. I felt so relieved and 100% sure that this was the color combo I should have picked in the first place.

Old Palette:

New Palette:

Both from here.

To celebrate my new color combo, I made a new inspiration board featuring some of the dusty pink from the board above! This particular board is exclusively for our ceremony alone:

Mrs. CP's shephard's hooks; chivari chairs; infusion jars; BM dress; Savannah paper; all other sources found here.

I'm officially "ooohing" and "ahhhing" over my change of heart. I'm in love with our color combination! Now I can finally start purchasing the accent color-related items I've been putting off because of the fear of changing my mind. Whew! *weight lifted from shoulders* :D

*I think Mr. Lab agreed so quickly because of the super adorable Labrador in the inspiration photo. Maybe that's because it looks so much like our Gabby (who was conveniently born bearing our wedding colors: chocolate brown fur with pink nose, lips, & tongue):

Thursday, June 11, 2009

DIY Bridal Bouquet Part 1: The Mock Trial

I received my Fiori Belli silk peony stems earlier this week and finally had a chance to play around with them today!

My first impression of them was slight disappointment. I made a trip to Michael's to scope their floral section before deciding on fakes. The ones at Michael's felt more "velvety", like a real flower. But they didn't have cream-colored peonies (neither did Hobby Lobby) so I decided to go ahead with the online order. After awhile, the stems began to grow on me. They look real but are just missing that velvet feel. But I knew I had to sacrifice something when going with fake flowers. Now that I've done the trial, I'm in LOVE. Here's the result of my first trial with my bridal bouquet:

But let's take a moment to rewind and start from the beginning. The process of assembling the bouquet was ridiculously easy. Here's how it all went down!

First, I made a quick trip over to Michael's (with my 40% off any item coupon in hand) and purchased my supplies for less than $10:

Don't forget the most important supply!

The first step was removing the leaves. This was simple because they slide right out of the stem (upside of fake florals!). If you're using real flowers, you'll have to trim the leaves and thorns off (if applicable).

Next up was the assembling. I followed this video tutorial and wrapped the floral tape tightly around 3 stems at a time starting with the fullest blooms. Keep repeating the process by filling in the holes with more stems until you reach your desired bouquet size.

Before I knew it, the assembling portion was finished! I then moved on to covering the floral tape with my champagne-colored satin ribbon. I inserted the pins at an upward angle. Thankfully, this is a trial DIY, so no need to worry about the pins not being perfectly lined up...or the fact that I forgot to tuck under the raw edge of the ribbon...or how I didn't pay attention to wrapping the ribbon evenly...or, well, I think you get the picture. Lessons learned. Btw, 1 yard of ribbon is probably all you'll need. I purchased 3 yards not knowing how much it would take but ended up almost double-wrapping my handle with just 1 yard.

I could have paid more attention to keeping the head of the bouquet more "round & balanced". Again, lesson learned on that one. Plus, I had to keep the stems long because I didn't think ahead about how I was going to deal with the thick wire inside of them (downfall of fake florals!). FMIL's beau is bringing some wire clippers over tomorrow for me! :)

Being proud of my creation, I took Myspace-like photos of me & my bouquet in the mirror. I think it's just the right size and combo of cupped and fully blossomed stems!

The only thing I'm longing for now is the scent of fresh flowers. But FMIL suggested just buying a peony-scented perfume to spray on them the day of the wedding so I wouldn't be missing out completely.

All in all, I'm very pleased with the DIY fake flower bouquet and am pretty much convinced that I will do the same for my bridesmaids' bouquets. Now that the trial is complete, I can focus on perfecting the bouquet by fixing my mistakes, finding a way to beef up the handle size, and adding details to the handle. So stay tuned! And since you've stayed with me up to this point, here's a sneak peek at my inspiration for the handle:

Wedding Party Monthly: A Newsletter

Extra extra! Read all about it! That's right, my first wedding newsletter is out in inboxes everywhere! Well, by "everywhere" I mean my wedding party members' inboxes! I designed the entire thing using my trusty MacBook Pro, Powerpoint, Picasa,, the ever-handy Google image search, some inspiration from Mrs. Eggplant's newsletter, and my own imagination and creativity. Check it out!

For the cover I used one of our engagement photos taken by our very talented photographer Lindsi Jones (she just got back from shooting back to back weddings in Mexico & Las Vegas!). Don't we look like models?!? :D I used a barcode generator to make it look like a real magazine cover and as a way to sneak in our wedding date! I set the page orientation to portrait in powerpoint and put the picture as the background so all the text would show up on top. There's really no tutorial to this, just a lot of trial and error with different fonts and sizes and positioning of the text. (All sources found on last page.)

This is where I really began to draw a lot of inspiration from Mrs. Eggplant. I included a little "On the Cover" section like they do in real magazines! The next page included a screenshot of our wedding website for a "Find Us on the Web" section.

Still drawing from Mrs. EP, I decided to credit all my wedding party members in the "Contributors" section. I found a little scroll-like flower using Google to lay in the background to add some interest. Sorry I had to write out all the names. I don't think my wedding party would be too pleased with their names plastered all over the web! lol

For the "Meet the Party" portion, I alternated between the guys and the girls instead of completely separating them. Aren't they a good-looking bunch? :)

Next up was information on the trip to Vegas we're planning for our bachelor/bachelorette parties. There was also a section on ways to save on the trip (I'm a huge cheapskate, so of course we're making the trip as affordable as possible!).

As part of the Vegas feature, I listed potential shows and events for the guys, girls, and everyone. We're planning separate parties for one night, so it's important to choose gender-specific things to do!

The next page in the newsletter was devoted to giving the wedding party a chance to leave their impression on our wedding. We're letting them choose songs to be introduced to at the reception!

We then had a "Groomsmen's & Bridesmaid's Corner" section. For the ladies I gave them a chance to vote on different bridesmaids dresses. If you remember, I already picked a dress but I'm having second thoughts and decided to open it up to a vote to seal the deal! For these slides I used a "texture" background.

The last feature was on the "After Party" which will be held on River Street less than a mile from our reception site. I once again used a picture as the background.

Lastly was the "Sources" page. I'm so used to crediting my work for Weddingbee, I decided I might as well give credit where credit's due for my newsletter as well! We included another e-pic and a note asking for the wedding party to send a confirmation that they received the newsletter.

It took me 4 days to finish as I struggled to find time around my internship and got exhausted with many trial & errors. But I finished by my "deadline" to send it out on the 150 day mark. I can't believe the wedding is only 5 months away! *eek* I like it so much that I may print it out for a wedding scrapbook memento. I'll probably hang on to this issue as a template for the next newsletter.