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Monday, April 19, 2010

Southern Sweethearts: Our Wedding Trailer!

Ever wish your life had a soundtrack? Well, our wedding does!

Here's just a little preview of what's to come. :)

Time Of The Season from Dustin Blake on Vimeo.

Oh, and the barefoot thing? That's because my precious Loubies were missing until about 5 minutes before the ceremony began! But at least it made for a cool storyline!

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Southern Sweethearts: Spooky Guests and One Last Fling

The riverboat docked and we said goodbye to some of our rehearsal dinner guests who wanted to call it a night. But a few brave souls stuck around for the next event on our jam-packed wedding eve: the ghost tour!

Just before we hopped on the Old Town Trolley Tours to go on their “Ghosts and Gravestones Frightseeing Tour”, I heard a loud popping noise in the distance.

I turned around and saw this:


I felt like the Savannah was congratulating us! It was so random to see fireworks on a Friday in November. We stopped to enjoy the show before boarding the trolley.

Mr. Lab and I get ready to be spooked!

That ghost tour didn't know what hit it. Our group took up more than half the seats and we were quite the giggling, tequila-liquored bunch.

See what I mean?

I've been on a ghost tour before in Savannah and it was pretty creepy. But with all of us cracking inappropriate jokes about the poor souls the tour was about, it was actually just plain funny most of the time.

BUT...there was some convincing creepiness. Like photo evidence of a "Confederate ghost":

Oh, you don't see it? Lemme highlight that for ya. Don't forget to click the photo to make it bigger and scare the mess out of you.

And then the was the famous EVP recording in the basement of the Sorrel-Weed house. The show "Ghost Hunters" visited the home and did all their "testings" to prove paranormal existence.

The last photo we took before screaming like little girls.

As the tour guide was telling us the story about the recording Ghost Hunters did, she exited the room, closed the doors, and turned off the lights. Then we heard the famous recording. Clicky below to hear it.

The recording ended and I had goosebumps at this point. We were in complete darkness and out of nowhere the doors to our right started rattling!

Everyone screamed bloody murder!!!

Come to find out, groomsman Trey (a Savannah native who'd been on the tour before), had locked our tour guide out of the room and she was just trying to get back in! He swears up and down that he thought he was unlocking the door, not locking it! Whatever Trey. Thanks for the tinkle in my pants.

We made our way outside to finish up the tour and compose ourselves.

Ahhh, we're soooo scared!

Um, is that orb a ghost trying to follow us home so it can crash our wedding?

The ghost tour was over and it was time to make our way to the hotel to end the night. But my girls weren't having it. It was my last night as a single lady and we couldn't just go to bed!

So the first thing we did was "get back" at Mr. Lab for having an over the top bachelor party at a strip club in Atlanta. We spotted some hot firefighters and decided to get a picture with them to make Mr. Lab jealous.

But the really hot ones didn't want to pose for photos. :( They probably had an inkling it would end up on a website somewhere... ;)

When we finally arrived at the hotel, we made our way to the bar and had a free round of cocktails thanks to a coupon we got at check in.

And after my girls told the bartenders it was the night before my wedding, they offered me a "blow job".

And you know me, when I haz the drinks, I haz to dance:

Since the firefighters let me down, we got the bartenders to make up for it!

Don't worry, Mr. Lab has seen these photos and thinks we're even now! ;)

Finally, it was time to start calling it a night. Brittany and I made a quick stop to the ladies' room on the way back and naturally, we had to take a photo while in there. (Don't hate. You'd take photos in every nook of the gorgeous Mansion too if you were there!)

When we got back into the room, we all decided to order a pizza. Good thing we were starving:

I took my pizza over to the corner and got to work on the final last-minute items and emails. I probably stayed up until about 4 am that night. I don't know how in the world I was functioning on the wedding day...

How late did you stay up the night before your wedding? Brides-to-be, are you setting a curfew for yourself?

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Southern Sweethearts: Dinner on the River

As soon as the rehearsal wrapped up, we hopped in cars and raced through Savannah's historic squares to River Street. We had a boat to catch and it was scheduled to leave the dock any minute!

Quick photo op before boarding!

Some of the guys must have gotten lost on the way to River Street because we had to hold the riverboat to wait on them. (Like, I literally kept standing on the ramp to the boat to make sure they didn't depart without my entire party!). They all made it and we were able to leave just a couple minutes late.

But we were still missing four very important people.

My oldest brother and his family didn't make it in town in time for the dinner. Not only did we not get to catch up (he was on a rare leave from Iraq), but MIL Lab paid for 4 unused and very expensive dinner tickets. :(

Once on the boat, I found my ladies who had saved a spot AND a cocktail for me!

The classic Cosmopolitan. My girls KNOW me. :)
PS. Who's ready for SATC2?!? THIS girl is!!!

My right hand gals.

Before I knew it, we were off and sailing away into the night!

Look! We're moving!!!

I wish I had thought to take photos of all the yummy food! It was served buffet style and I scarfed all of mine down since I had hardly eaten the entire day.

After dinner, it was photo time. Our always conscientious groomsman Jimmy took most of the photos in this post. Thanks Jimmy!

Mama Lab and I pose with our pastor and his wife. He just retired this Easter and I'm so sad I won't hear his great sermons anymore. :(

Of course Mr. Lab and I have to take photos together!

Best man Don and his wife Meredith.

Bridesmaids Ashley and Brooke!

Family time!

Mr. Lab with his mom and sister.

Me with my siblings and mom. Just missing my oldest brother... :(

I'm a sucker for photo-in-a-photo photos! :P

Mr. Lab's family is very small. It's practically just him, his mom, and his sister. But my family's size definitely makes up for it! He had fun taking photos with his soon to be nieces! (And this isn't even ALL of them! There's two more plus a nephew!)

Haleigh, one of our flower girls and probably Mr. Lab's biggest fan. I'll have to watch this one when she gets older because I'm convinced she's in love with him!

Abbi, one of our Junior Bridesmaids.

Autumn, the other Junior Bridesmaid.

The riverboat had a live band that broke out some sombreros and maracas and encouraged Mr. Lab and his brother-in-law to make fools of themselves on the dance floor.

Forced awkward booty shaking in front of mothers and small children. Mission Accomplished.

And then Best Man Don bought a round of tequila shots. PATRON tequila shots. That kid is a balla.


...led to this:

We ended our cruise by going upstairs to the deck and watching the other boats on the river pass us by as we docked. We might have also pulled up I'm On A Boat on someone's iPhone and had a sing-a-long...maybe.

We had a blast on the Savannah River Queen and no one even got seasick!

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