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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Bad & The Ugly: Leading Up To The Wedding Part 2

When I last left off, we were in the week of the wedding and I was frantically cutting projects left and right to save what little bit of sanity I still had left.

One thing I didn't mention in the last post (but hinted to in my Licensed to Wed post) was a huge, and I repeat, HUGE, potential disaster.

Long story short, my SIL, who was in charge of booking our ceremony square in historic Savannah (because she could get a local discount), booked the wrong time!

Our wedding was to begin at 4:00 pm in Whitfield Square. But Mr. Lab got a call from his sister right before we left to get our marriage license saying that she had booked the square beginning at 4:00 pm! That meant there was no time to set up! We frantically started calling the security guard that was working the squares that day and our day of coordinator to see if anything could be done. But there was a wedding before us that was slated for 2:30 pm and they planned to take photos after their ceremony at the square.

I. Was. A. MESS.

When we walked into the courthouse I still had tears in my eyes. I'm sure it looked fantastic to have a bride-to-be crying as she got her marriage license. And it was obvious that they were not tears of joy.

To make matters worse, instead of apologizing for the mistake and helping find a way to fix it, SIL Lab tried to put the blame on me! I was seriously beyond upset that this mistake went unnoticed for literally eight months and I was finding out about it with just days until the wedding.

EVERY LITTLE THING was dependent on a 4:00 pm start time. The sunset was around 6:00 pm, the horse carriage was booked for 3:30-4:30 pm, and the biggest thing of all was Mr. Lab and I had chosen NOT to do a first look (my gift to him), which was again dependent on getting done in time to take photos with sunlight still left.

Thankfully, I had an awesome day of coordinator.

My simply amazing day of coordinator Jennifer of Tybee Island Wedding

I already know that whatever I say here won’t be enough justice for this wonderful woman. From the moment I first talked to her I knew she was going to be nothing less than amazing. She took the time to read through my blog and familiarize herself with my vision. She lovingly put up with my email communication because I suck so much at making time to talk on the phone.

She took charge of the ceremony timing mix up and made every phone call possible to make sure our day wouldn't be ruined. She tried seeing if the couple before us had the same kind of chairs we wanted so set up wouldn't be necessary (they didn't) and she called the couple themselves to see how long their ceremony would take. I still to this day don't know how she made everything better, but she did it somehow.

I just want to take a moment and say this: If you are getting married in the Savannah area, do yourself a favor and hire this woman to ease your mind! Not only is she great at what she does, she also comes at an incredibly affordable price. Jennifer, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for EVERYTHING!

Somehow, we had our first major crisis adverted. I still didn't know for sure until a couple days before the wedding whether Mr. Lab and I would be able to honor our no first look. But Mr. Lab told me that if we would have to do them, he would be okay with it to keep everything on schedule and beat the sunset. (Isn't he the best?!?)

So our wedding wasn't exactly on time, but at least we didn't have it in the dark!

Photo by Lindsi Jones Photography

Have you avoided a major wedding crisis?

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Anchor Do.

Happy New Year everyone!

Oh wait, I missed it?

Yeeeaaah.... it's been a minute. You know, I always wondered why some of the Bees blamed married life for their absence in the recap world. Aren't they busiest DURING the wedding planning?!?

Well, now that I'm on the other side of the fence, I suddenly get it! If you think about it, we usually plan our weddings around other life changing events. My wedding happened to coincide with graduation, a new job, and a move to another city. I'm currently living apart from Mr. Lab (again!) while he finishes his classes and I settle into my new job. A new job that I'm in my 3rd week of and already racked up nearly 15 hours of overtime...

So my point is, believe the Bees when they blame married life for the lapse in posting! (And blame the pro photos taking forever to come in!)

Anyhoo, I'm here to discuss a common topic post-wedding: the CHOP. As in, the post wedding haircut. Yup, I gots me one! But not for the reasons that most new wives do.

I took the plunge for my chosen career path.

As a television reporter, long hair isn't very fun around a microphone clipped to your collar. You constantly have to adjust your hair and still run the risk and it brushing the mic and making funny noises on air. Not to mention, shorter hair just looks more professional on TV (unless you have your own personal stylist which I have not had the luxury of acquiring at this point in my very young career).

So I went from this:

To this:

(Excuse the gross non-made up face. This was EARLY in the morning!)

The best part was that my haircut was FREE! My MIL's boyfriend's daughter Caitlin is in cosmetology school and offered to cut it for me. Yeah, I know that was a HUGE risk, but this girl is one of the most stylish people I know and I had a gut feeling that she just knew what she was doing. I had 1000% faith in her and wanted to give her a chance to hone her skills. Well, my risk paid off!

What Caitlin was working with. My hair is naturally curly and it gets even curlier without the weight of the extra length.

It ended up shorter than I originally wanted but she did such a good job that I wasn't cringing at all with the result. The worst part was the first snip:

R.I.P. Hair

And although I did it for the "anchor do", I was ready for a change. It's been 5 years since I've had anything other than a trim. I'm loving the new cut!

And if I ever long for the long hair again, I'll just break out my GaGa wig. ;)

Are you planning to get a PWC (post-wedding chop)? Will it be for a change or for a job?