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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Southern Sweethearts: A Distracting Rehearsal

After the tea party, all the girls ran back to my SIL's house to sort through the mess of wedding supplies. I still had DIY projects that needed to be finished, so we split the group up to make the most of our time before the rehearsal later that night.

Half of the girls ran last-minute errands (store runs, dropping off OOT bags, etc.) while the other half transported as many things we could to our reception site. I really (and I mean REALLY) lucked out because my wedding was the only one that weekend at Savannah Station. So the site coordinator let us go ahead and set up and assemble whatever we could. I left photos of what I wanted each table to look like for the coordinator and made a separate storage pile of all the ceremony decor for easy access the following morning.

When we finally finished, it was nearly time for the rehearsal! First, we had to check into our fabulous hotel to get ready for the rehearsal.

But we hit a snag.

Because my MIL reserved the room and only MOH Amanda and BM Brittany and I were there for the check in, they wouldn't let us in! Time was dwindling and I knew people would be arriving at the rehearsal site any moment. Still in work clothes, we'd already valet parked our cars and had a cart full of suitcases and wedding stuff. We needed IN.

After several frantic calls back and forth to MIL and the hotel manager and my credit card as a backup, they finally felt bad enough and let us in. It probably didn't hurt that I had the bridal meltdown face going full force.

We barely had time to enjoy the gorgeousness of the room before dashing right back out to get to the square. Because we caused so much ruckus trying to get IN, the front desk remembered us as we were headed OUT. They even made a point of saying they'd never seen three women get ready so quick! They offered us a ride in the hotel car and a couple minutes later we arrived at Whitfield Square.

It was the first time I'd seen Mr. Lab since leaving for Savannah. So I caught up with him and introduced him to our awesome coordinator.

And then we got down to business.

We decided to line up in position first and then work backwards through the ceremony. It made things go MUCH smoother.

I included this one just because I miss my long hair.

And it's pretty much inevitable that every rehearsal, no matter how structured, slowly begins to fall into chaos. Proof:

But random side conversations wasn't the only thing. Apparently, I should have put this sign up:

Why? Annoying vendors, that's why! 24 hours out from the wedding, my bridesmaids and I instituted a "no phone zone" for the bride. But that didn't matter to two vendors in particular (will be named soon!) who continued to harass my BMs.

As we lined up to go through the entire ceremony, I noticed poor BM Brittany still on the phone with one VERY rude vendor. Said vendor had already been told we were in the middle of our rehearsal and it could wait 30 minutes. Not good enough.

I knew this vendor kept her on the phone a lot, but it wasn't until I went through these photos that I realized exactly how long she had to deal with bad customer service.

Practice makes perfect!

I love how I'm looking at Mr. Lab in this one. Kinda like "you're finally going to be MINE for good!"

Debauchery continues. Are those gang signs from the best man at my rehearsal?!?

And why do I look preggers?!?

And just in case you don't believe the cell phone distractions, more proof:

Looks like she's nearly at the end of her rope! Thanks B for dealing with all that crap!

I can't believe best man Don, a UGA grad, wore orange and blue to our rehearsal! I should have kicked him out! :P

Our ceremony site is ready...

...and we're ready for tomorrow!

Will you institute a no cell phone policy leading up to your big day?

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*All photos by groomsman Jimmy!