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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Southern Sweethearts: The Grand Finale

After the last dance, our DOC quickly organized our guests outside for the grand exit. I knew I wanted a sparkler exit, but didn't plan on actually having a "getaway" car. I figured we'd already spent money on two forms of special transportation (our trolley and horse carriage) and didn't need anything else. We'd just take photos walking through the sparklers and that's that.

But our groomsmen other plans.


We walked out of Savannah Station and immediately realized that something was up.


As we got closer, our guests spread apart to reveal the handy-work of our mischievous groomsmen.


What we saw was Mr. Lab's car.


Okay, so before I go any further, let me explain Mr. Lab's car to you. He got this thing in high school. He was (is still) your typical "fast and powerful" car type of guy. Mr. Lab's had his fair share of speeding tickets "back in the day", and even more days logged at racing tracks with his buddies. And the car to get "back in the day" was any LS1 powered F-body, like his Pontiac TransAm. I had a Chevy Camaro myself in high school, another F-body but it was just a V6 for any of you car enthusiasts.

The thing is, he's seriously outgrown his car and even feels embarrassed to drive it anymore (he now drives a Hyundai Sonata but dreams of a still powerful yet more sophisticated 500hp BMW M5). Soooo....some of us pick on him about it. I like to call the car the "Teen Batmobile" myself. ;)

Alright, back to the wedding night. This is what we found:




Car paint, Vaseline under the door handles, cans dragging behind, toilet paper, foam, some expletives, THE WHOLE NINE YARDS.

And this is how it got there:



What are all the guys looking at? Oh, that would be our security guard getting in on the action!


We had no idea the boys had slipped out of the reception at some point to buy supplies and "decorate" Mr. Lab's car! You'd think we'd be mad, but it was all in good fun and it's SO funny to look back at a year later.* But I must warn you, the sooner you clean a car in that condition, the better. And pray that no one puts Vaseline under your door handles because it takes FOREVER to get off!

So hive, this is the "grand finale" of my wedding recaps. I will be around a little longer to share some things I never got around to before the wedding, vendor reviews, and our 1st anniversary celebration.

But I promised in previous posts to share a little project that we did with our photographer during the dancing portion of the reception:


Will you have a planned getaway?

PS. I hope you've enjoyed my wedding journey and recaps! Thanks for sticking with me for an entire year to get to the end. ;)

The Full "Southern Sweethearts" Saga:

Next Up: Our 1st Anniversary

*You may be reading this after November 7th, but I actually wrote it on our anniversary. And I can't believe I actually got all of the recaps done by then. Go me! :)

**All professional photos by Lindsi Jones Photography. Some images may have been slightly altered by moi.

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  1. That last photograph is stunning! It's sparkling with perfection! Congratulations!